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My name is Agnieszka Nowicka

DOBROdzieje się Foundation was founded on July 1st, 2020, due to the enormous needs of children and youth from orphanages and foster families. Our mission is to share kindness every step of the way - because the more you give, the more you receive. We focus on creating a better future for our charges who experienced suffering and uphill struggles from a very young age. 

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Our Story

            After noticing the enormous needs of children with a past and working within formal restrictions, we decided to form the foundation to enable realizing projects, which provide broad help and support for children from orphanages and foster families.


            Foundation suport it’s proteges psychologically, educationally, legally, medicinally, and socially. We put emphasis on inclusivity and fighting social exclusion. Foundation increases academic and career odds for children, youth, and adults. We regularly organize diverse and non-payed activities for people of all ages. Foundation promotes personal growth and professional development with help from befriended institutions and public bodies in Łódź region. We are also focusing on international integration based on cooperation within communities. We actively support and develop educational care facilities, socio-therapeutic centers, and club forms of aid for children and youth at risk of social exclusion. Our activity is based primarily on work on behalf of foster families, popularization protection of human rights, and also preventing orphanhood by supporting the foster custody system. 

Meet the Team

Our team consists of people that believe the world can be changed for the better, especially for children. There are people who work or worked at Social Welfare Center in Łódź and established a social campaign - “Rodzina jest dla Dzieci” (eng. Family is for Children). The campaign’s goal is to seek foster families for children in institutional custody. 


CEO & Founder

Agnieszka Nowicka

“One-man band”. She organizes various projects which support children as well as families taking care of them.


Vice President of the Foundation

Damian Pacześniak

"Let’s roll” person and the foundation’s handyman. He organizes operations offline and actively realizes projects promoting foster parenthood.


Vice President of the Foundation

Gabriela Halakiewicz

“Nothing is imposibble” person. She is responsible for the organization of voluntary service, cooperation with partners and benefactors, and supporting children along with their foster and biological families.


However, our foundation wouldn’t be what it is

without over 30 amazing volunteers.

They share their knowledge, passions, interests, and time daily with our charges. And that is extremely meaningful because it gives a place to be together and form long-lasting friendships. 

DOBROdzieje się Foundation wouldn’t have existed if there hadn’t been people open to others. We rely on the generosity of donors, whether individuals or the ones representing small and big companies. Thank you for being with us and making it all possible. 

DOBROdzieje się Foundation’s key projects

The implementation of additional activities, workshops, and tutoring for children from foster families is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, these initiatives provide valuable opportunities for educational and personal development, supplementing the formal education they receive.


They enable children to explore new interests, develop talents, and acquire practical skills beyond the classroom. Secondly, these activities promote social integration and a sense of belonging by offering a supportive and inclusive environment. By participating in group activities, children can build friendships, enhance their communication skills, and develop a positive self-image. Lastly, these projects help address the unique challenges faced by children in foster care, providing them with tailored support and guidance to overcome any educational or emotional difficulties they may encounter. Overall, the implementation of such initiatives plays a vital role in nurturing the well-being, growth, and future success of children from foster families.

Our projects

Between us, Girls and Between us, Boys 

A series of meetings with inspiring people directed to girls and boys from orphanages and foster families. This project was initiated in 2018 by Agnieszka in cooperation with Social Welfare Center and Rodzina jest dla Dzieci (eng. Family is for Children) campaign. Currently, the project continues in the foundation. Its goal is to widen the children’s horizons, help them discover their passions, and build their’s self-confidence. It’s an occasion to have honest conversations about life, happiness, and problems with everyday life and relationships. Many remarkable people and companies are involved in this project, including the city mayor of Łódź Hanna Zdanowska, who shared her passion for cooking with the project’s participants, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Baccaro Studio, workforce transformation leader LHH Polska, Hell’s Kitchen winner Damian Marchlewicz, and Polish singer Bartek Grzanek.

Letters to Santa Claus 

A charitable effort initiated by Iza Król, Rodzina jest dla Dzieci campaign, and DOBROdzieje się Foundation. This invites benefactors to fulfill Christmas wishes of children from foster families, orphanages, and biological families in a difficult situation. Thanks to many people being involved, in 2022, DOBROdzieje się Foundation was able to fulfill 1888 children’s dreams and 200 wishes of seniors. This record-breaking project proves that Christmas is a very magical time. During the five-year of the project run, over 6 000 children and seniors were gifted Christmas presents. 

School starter kit 

in the name of inclusivity, we encourage the benefactors to support our protefes with fully equipped school starter kits. Over 200 kits were organized. In addition, the project supports children with educational aids throughout the school year. The project is realized in cooperation with benefactor companies: ManyMornings, Rossmann, and Sii Polska.

“The key to tomorrow" in cooperation with
EY Foundation

Educational support project directed to children from orphanages and foster families with educational difficulties. The tuition is based on a one-on-one model. One volunteer and one child form a team, who study together and celebrate small and big successes for example by going to the cinema or bowling. Thanks to EY Foundation cooperating with DOBROdzieje się Foundation for three years, 69 children were given educational support. 

Computers for remote learning 

At the beginning of the pandemic, the foundation took it upon itself to seek computers for remote learning for children and youth from foster families, orphanages, and biological families in a difficult situation. With the help of incredible people and companies, we gathered 140 devices which were given to those who were in need. Currently, the foundation actively responds to foster families’ and orphanages’ needs by offering computers for studying.

GOOD Place 

With the help of many benefactors, foster families, children, and wonderful volunteers, DOBROdzieje się Foundation was able to make a safe space where their proteges can develop passions and skills and their guardians can charge their batteries with positive energy. GOOD Place is a space for workshops, tuition, integration, therapy, and many inspiring meetings.

In 2022, GOOD Place was extended with an additional 100m2 floor which was renovated with the help of benefactors and volunteers, and then gifted to a multi-child family of Ukrainian refugees. Since the mid march 2022, there have been 25 refugees under DOBROdzieje się Foundation’s care, including great-grandmother Ałła and five-year-old Maksim. Simultaneously, the foundation actively supported preparing places and school starter kits for children who came to Poland from Ukrainian orphanages. 

Lodz - Our common home

A project realized from a UNICEF grant and led in cooperation between DOBROdzieje się Foundation and Swim for a Dream Foundation. Its goal is to teach tolerance and openness to others. It’s a series of free workshops that include sports, creative, linguistic, and integrative activities.  The project encourages children and youth from local and refugee communities to interact and understand each other. The project consists of 20 diverse workshops in which over 700 people from Poland and Ukraine have participated.

DOBROdzieje się Foundation also:

•   supports biological families in a difficult situation

•   promotes foster parenthood, seeks new foster parents, and supports already existing foster families

•   supports materially foster families, orphanages, and biological families in a difficult situation through the Storage of Goodness

•   develops and promotes voluntary service

•   organizes training opportunities to develop skills and passions

•   cooperates with many partners, including IKEA, VEOLIA, EY Foundation, SII Polska, PZU, TOM TOM, Bluerank, DoubleTree by Hilton, Komfort, and many more other companies that value CSR.


My name is Gabriela Halakiewicz

I believe that...

"The good is the only thing that multiplies when you share it."


DOBROdzieje się Foundation’s goals

  1. Social service by psychologically, educationally, legally, medicinally, socially, and financially supporting people of all ages affected by violence, social pathology, sickness, and poverty. Supporting children and youth who have conflicts with the law and are at risk of social exclusion.

  2. Increasing academic and career odds for children, youth, and adults, preventing unemployment and social marginalization, and equalizing access to education, culture, art, and sports. 

  3. Promoting sports, recreational, cultural, social and educational activities and tourism as creative and inspiring forms of leisure time. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and pro-ecological behavior.

  4. Supporting international integration and cooperation within communities. 

  5. Supporting already existing and creating new educational care facilities, socio-therapeutic centers, and club forms of aid for children and youth at risk of social exclusion

  6. Protection and promotion of health.

  7. Charitable and educational care services.

  8. Working in the interest of the family, promoting child welfare, and supporting the foster custody system.

  9. Preventing orphanhood by making it possible for children to grow up in the most favorable conditions and family environment.

  10. Popularization and organization of voluntary service.

  11. Service in the interest of ecology and protection of animals and natural heritage. 

DOBROdzieje się Foundation realizes its goals by:

1 /  Establishing and implementing programs and projects consistent with the foundation’s goals, in particular educational, creative, sports, health-promoting, legal, and prophylactic. 

2 / Psychological, legal, medicinal, social and financial suport for children, youth, and adults affected by domestic violence, and social pathology, as well as their parents and guardians.
3 / Giving financial and substantive forms of aid to institutions and facilities that work in the interest of children and youth affected by poverty, domestic violence, and social pathology.
4 / Cooperation with hospitals, schools, universities, educational care centers, Social Welfare Centers, and other public facilities.
5 / Organizing diverse forms of psychological, educational, pedagogical, and integrative activities that support the mental and physical development of the foundation’s proteges.
6 / Supporting the development of children’s talents, including the realization of scholarship programs and professional development courses.
7 / Establishing facilities, clubs, and community centers that support people of all ages affected by poverty and social pathology.
8 / Organizing cultural, recreational, sports, and integrative events.
9 / Organizing trainings, workshops, conferences, courses, symposiums, and internships for parents, guardians, teachers, and other people working with children and youth.
10 / Training volunteers to develop their skills and qualifications.
11 / Informational and editorial activities, including educational campaigns, film, radio, and multimedia executions.
12 / Organizing promotional campaigns, and mass events, including charity actions, fundraising, and auctions.


from foster families, orphanages, and biological families in need

Pitch in sharing kindness - share your time, knowledge, passions, and even things that you no longer need. We are organizing Storage of Goodness (clothes, books, children’s furniture, etc.) Fund one of our projects:


Bank account number in PLN

74 1140 2004 0000 3502 8017 9891


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Transfer title: Donation for…

  • specialist medical tests for children

  • purchase of computers for studying

  • renovation of a child’s room for their birthday

  • tuition and educational help

  • workshops, trips, fulfilling children’s dreams


If you have any other ideas about sharing kindness, we are open to suggestions and will help you realize your project.

You are always welcome to meet with us and have a conversation over a delicious cake :)


Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

My name is Damian Paczśniak


Thanks for submitting!

Contact Us


80 Piotrkowska Street

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+48 501 020 008

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Opening Hours

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